A private stroll garden & Azumaya
Historic property, Adelaide Hill SA

This garden was made in 2001, and the project took 2 months to complete. I began by.... more...

Inner-city atrium with a wisteria at its Heart 

This garden was made in 2014, and the project took 2 weeks to complete. This was also the first.... more...

Pocket garden for a Healing room

The original garden was created in 1998. Almost ten years on in 2017, the client decided to.... more...

More Gardens...

Many more gardens are growing.... more...

Every project we do is 100% custom built. We spend incredible amounts of time planning and hand-selecting materials. Every rock has a unique energy. Every tree has its own unique potential. Every contractor has a unique talent. We take great pride and care into detail. It’s the only way to create something that is truly One-of-a-Kind.

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