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Fumio & Shinya Ueda. Japanese Garden & Landscape Designer, Adelaide Hills, Australia


Welcome. My name is Fumio.
I am a Master Japanese Gardener. I was formally trained in Japan by 3rd generation OyaKata, Master Hirai. I have devoted over 30years elevating garden culture here in Australia. My mission is to perfect my craft and to achieve Zen through my work. I love authentic Japanese gardens.

1951 - Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
1975 - Hitchhike the world and meets Australian partner in Nepal
1983 - Begin apprenticeship under master Toshio Hirai (1930-1996) in Shimizu, Japan
1990 - Completes formal training as Japanese Gardener
1991 - Moves to Adelaide Hills, South Australia
1994 - Begin my independent practice as gardener
1996 - First prize at Royal Autumn Garden Show
1998 - Directs the restoration of Himeji garden in Adelaide

Hi, I am Shinya.
The son of Fumio Ueda, carrying on the family torch as a second-generation Master Japanese Gardener. Born in Japan and raised in Australia, my mission is to tie the common thread between these cultures through the art of landscaping. I dream about gardens with the moon and create gardens under the sun.

1983 - Born in Shimizu, Japan
1991 - Moves to Adelaide hills, South Australia
2001 - Quits Uni to go rediscover Japan
2002 - Apprentice to artist Yoshiaki Yuki (until 2011)
2004 - Assistant director, gallery gen, New York (until 2011)
2011 - Return to Australia to begin apprenticeship under Fumio Ueda
2017 - Completes formal training as Japanese Gardener



A private stroll garden and Azumaya pavilion for a heritage property, Adelaide Hills.

With a book in one hand, a short walk takes you to your own private sanctuary. Enter through... more

An inner-city atrium with a Westeria at its heart.

You wake up in the morning and make your way downstairs to your oasis. Sitting down... More...


Pocket garden for a Healing room

Lying down on the massage bed, a Chinese healer works her magic. Peering out... More...

Every project we do is 100% custom built. We spend incredible amounts of time planning and hand-selecting materials. Every rock has a unique energy. Every tree has its own unique potential. Every contractor has a unique talent. We take great pride and care into detail. It’s the only way to create something that is truly One-of-a-Kind.

Fumio Ueda Japanese Garden & Design servicing Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide

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