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Japanese Garden & Landscape Design Services

We spend incredible amount of time planning and hand-selecting materials. Every rock has a unique energy. Every tree has its own unique potential. Every human involved has a skill to offer.

A living, breathing, evolving Work of Art.

Your legacy.


Phone/video consult: $220~$440

Site Visit / Survey:

(inc. half-day rate / travel)

INTERSTATE min.$2200
(inc. day-rate + airport parking + return air economy + car hire) (based on $1600+travel expense)

(inc. 3days: day-rate, airport parking, return air economy, car hire, accommodation) (based on $5000AUD+travel expense)


inc. perspective drawing + mud map + rough quote (Includes x1 design amendment ($110/hr thereafter))


FORMAL DESIGN (OPTIONAL) +min.$2640 (@ $110/hr)

Includes scaled master plan with technical specifications & recommendations.


Pocket gardens min. $25000 Construction time min. 1week


Residential min. $80000 Construction time min. 3weeks


Acreage (basic) min. $100000 (reshaping, replanting) Construction time min. 3months


Acreage (epic) min. $1500000 (Teahouse, Lake, Garden) Construction time min. 12months


Koi Pond min. $60000 Construction time min. 3weeks

This price list is designed to give you a general idea of what a garden creation entails. The more you are able to invest, the fussier we can be with the materials we use, and more features we can add. If you have a set budget, we will set clear priorities and make it work. When trying to determine how much you should spend on your garden, it helps to put your home-value into context. The garden must reflect the quality of your property.

These Rates apply until Jun 30 2024



Calling is the quickest way. Alternatively fill out the contact form and we will reply via email. (If you don’t hear back within 2days, it’s likely a tech glitch so please try again).


We will review your brief free of charge. We will let you know with honest yes or no, so that your project won’t be held up.


1-   House/Property plan
2-   General site photos/videos
3-   Photos of primary view looking out through window
4-   Aesthetic needs (photos from internet, written, inspirational music, whatever to evoke the “vibes”)
5-   Functional needs (kids, pets, seating, access, shade, sun)
6-   Timeline (instant garden for resale? Long-term vision?)
7-   Water feature a must or not? (substantial cost increase)
8-   Rough budget to determine achievability (so we can ground your expectations!)
9-   Anything else that helps us understand who you are


30min ~ 1½hr session. Expect to spend $220 ~ $440.

By the end of this chat, you will know what is achievable, what is not, how to avoid costly mistakes, what you should do going forward so that you can get the most bang for your buck (whether with us or not).


IF the project is straight forward, and we’re both confident, we can skip to STEP 5 and proceed with the Design.

IF the project is complex, or you want more reassurance, we will come and visit the site before proceeding with the Design.

ADELAIDE METRO – Expect to spend $660
INTERSTATE – Expect to spend $2200~$2750
INTERNATIONAL – Expect to spend $8000~$10000AUD

By the end of the site visit, we will have unlocked any hidden potential of the site, and a clear vision of what the garden can become. You will also know roughly how much the total design cost will be before committing any further.


$5500 for pocket garden ~ residential gardens.

You will receive a perspective drawing (so that you can see the finished garden), a photo montage (to help you see the materials and the overall ‘vibes’ of the garden), and a rough estimate (materials and labour).

Min. $8800 for acreage ~ stroll gardens

For acreage, it will be a combination of a mud map and aerial perspective drawings. Larger projects require more follow up meetings and amendments to the plan so we will agree on a cap before we start.

Conceptual Design is the most valuable product that we can provide. It is the culmination of our imagination, creativity, problem solving, horticultural knowledge, practical engineering knowledge; all of which is built on a foundation of 30-year experience creating landscapes.


IF it’s small scale and we are undertaking the construction ourselves, we can skip to STEP 7 and begin construction.

IF the construction requires subcontractors, we need to create a formal plan with all the relevant technical specifications. How long it takes to create a detailed plan is determined by the complexity and the scale of the project. We will let you know roughly how much this will cost during the consultation phase.



Once the design is finalised, we will provide a quote for the construction with a progress payment schedule.

Once the deposit is paid, we will begin acquiring materials, and begin work accordingly.


Let the fun begin!

Our advice is...

気  Get excited ~ because we are about to create a Living work of art.

無 Start with a clean canvas ~ trees, rocks, walls, pavers, soil. You can move these things. Don’t get hung up on what’s already in front of you. It’s going to change. Get excited.

来 What are you trying to accomplish? ~ without a purpose, you lose meaning. Without meaning it becomes pointless. What do you want the garden to do for you? Ask yourself and remind yourself throughout the process.

窓 Look out your window ~ you spend more time inside than out. Treat your windows as if they were works of art on the wall. You don’t want to be looking at an empty unused outdoor seating area. You want to be looking at a living work of art. The vantage points from inside your house is your priority.

遊 The function of aesthetics ~ remember when you were a child? The prerequisite for a great space was ‘fun’. For example, a path made with floating rocks requires you to focus on where you are placing your next step. It’s not practical for carrying your shopping, but it’s perfectly practical for the soul. Reserve as much aesthetic spaces as your garden can afford.

和 Less is more ~ when walking through a forest you see lots of the same species growing together. Look out to a distant landscape, you see a pattern in the geography. Listening to the waves and the rhythm is constant. It is this unity that creates the tranquillity. What is going to be the unifying feature in your garden? Pick just a few things that have a special place in your heart and immerse your garden with it.

欲 Infinite desires in a finite world ~ avoid compromises in the important areas/features of the garden. Be open to compromises in the areas where you can get away with it.

望 Agree to Disagree ~ if you are sharing this garden with others, it can be challenging to make it coherent. Start by getting each member to write their own list of what they Need and what they Want from the garden. If there is a conflict of interest, work it out before you go any further.

責 Assign an executor ~ no one likes a back-seat driver. We need to work with the representative for your garden so that we can get from A to B in peace.

聞 Reach out ~ ask honest people what they think about your plan. You just might have missed something important. We are here to help as well.

光 Clarity and Vision ~ you know what you want to accomplish. You know where to prioritize. You know everyone’s Needs and Wants including your own. You know who’s in charge. You’ve exposed your plan to honest criticism. By now the vision is getting clearer, but it’s still elusive. Now let us help you realise your vision. Let’s bring it to life.

Every project we do is 100% custom built. We spend incredible amounts of time planning and hand-selecting materials. Every rock has a unique energy. Every tree has its own unique potential. Every contractor has a unique talent. We take great pride and care into detail. It’s the only way to create something that is truly One-of-a-Kind.

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